Fate over Sulfates: Having Dry Hair

Chemicals work, but do they heal?


Name Brand Cure

Ever since the first hormonal eruption upon my face and body as a young teen, I have been cursed with the embarrassing horror of dandruff.  I didn’t notice the flaky nuisance until the latter years of high school.  When I finally discovered my condition, I couldn’t be seen in public with it again. All the teenage angst and anxiety thrown in too, there was no way I was going to tolerate this rubbish. Not a chance. It was then that I finally sought out the very effective and popular brand, Head & Shouldersto finally rid me of the flaky snow-globe action, every time I wanted to vigorously tend to my frequently irritated scalp.  I continued to use Head & Shoulders for the next four years.  Those were four good years of smooth sailing in the cranial department. That was until this very winter season of 2016.

The dry winds of late November picked up, brushing away the swampy blanket that has enveloped Austin, Texas since last April.  This coming winter, unlike the past four, was different. for some reason the shampoo I had been using was only working for the 24 hours after showering, as opposed to the two to three days I had grown so fond of since my first use.  It could be coincidental, but this was also the first time I had ever attempted to grow my hair long, rather than maintain the routine three-inch max length I have gone my whole life with.  

The symptoms had come back, after four years, and this time I could not rely on the guaranteed scalp treatment from Head & Shoulders, I needed something more.  I started to do some research, checking the latest articles from all the women’s health websites that I assume many middle-aged women swear-by during their afternoon exchanges at their kids’ soccer practice.  What I came across was a whole world of sulfate this and essential oil that. So, what was next? Product was next; newer, healthier, functional shampoo and conditioner.

Healthy Alternative!

It is 2017! After spending a little more money than I am comfortable with on some of the more expensive shampoos and conditioners with little to no effect, I finally came across Renpure.  

With my hair reaching a length of nearly six inches now, I wanted to to take care of it with no chemicals what so ever.  That is where Renpure really gets me excited!  Though the bottle is not flashy and there is nothing about the label that makes you believe it is anything special, Renpure is the butter to my bread- the soft, scrumptious enhancement to my toasted head.  

I bought the Advanced version of the shampoo to start, because I wasn’t so concerned with the silicon chemicals in my current conditioner at the time. I used the shampoo for two weeks, feeling better within just the first four days- no dandruff and no itching. Perfect! With those results, I raced out and snagged the Renpure Advanced conditioner from my local Target.  My reasoning was that if the shampoo can work so well then why not compliment it?  Voila!

just out the shower and no itching wussup?!

This picture was taken two weeks ago and my hair is more settled and without any irritation except from the hats and beanies I often wear. I am currently five weeks into use of these products and I have been recommending them to everyone I know, especially those who complain about their hair!  For those who are curious as to why this random brand works, allow me to display my findings!

Formula Breakdown 

There are no, I repeat, no unnatural chemicals in Renpure products.  Nothing is going to stick to your hair and weigh it down, nothing is going to leave your scalp irritated even if it isn’t usually dry, and,  all of it helps your body regulate the natural oil (sebum) that your skin releases.  Most other shampoos use chemicals that cling to your natural bodily oils such as sebum, then wash it away using a surface tension decreasing agent. The lack of natural oils causes a dry scalp for some.  For others, your body may over secrete sebum to compensate, however there are no real studies to conclude this.

Study on Sebum Secretion 

Renpure uses an assortment of oils as its major ingredients including; Coconut oil, Rapeseed oil (Canola oil), Tea Tree oil, Palm oil, and Argan oil. How interesting!  I am not a serious health guru…yet and so I find it tedious to research exactly what’s going on with these oils when it comes to dermatology and hair care, alas, the great news must be published!  Down below is a list of the oils and a credible source to find the gritty details of how these natural oils enrich your everyday life!

Coconut Oil , Sunflower Oil, Mineral Oil

Argan Oil 

Rapeseed Oil (Canola)

 Tea Tree Oil

Palm Oil

The wondrous ways of science are all there, affirming the continuous praise in which these healthy oils receive through and through.  It is never too late to go healthy, truly, you do not need to wear harem pants and sport dreadlocks to treat your body well and maintain a healthy state of being in general.  A little bit of research goes a long way and you’ll never know just how simple it is to cure your bodily shortcomings such as a dry scalp!  



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